Business Growth

through small scale & lucrative mining



The endless number of items we use and consume in the modern world are made available to the society by the metals and minerals given to us by nature. The enormous effort of miners in providing us raw materials makes this possible. At MSquare Mining we fully appreciate the fact that we are the starting point of a long supply chain, leading to products which are useful to the society. We therefore take responsibility in delivering superb products, a smooth business transaction with our customers and managing the environmental impact of our mining activities.You are welcome to inquire about byproducts and processed forms of the minerals and ores we mine. We will seek ways to develop the products required by our customers.MSquare also pledges to adhere to ethical standards of doing business, including working conditions, health hazards, labor of minors and contamination of water resources.


Business Consulting

We address various issues that are or can adversely affect the success of mining operation

Project Management

We plan, recruit and organise a range of technical experts involved in small to medium scale mining studies and mining related projects

Mergers & Acquisitions

When mergers or acquisitions occur, they create some of the largest mining powerhouses and can have an everlasting impact on the industry


Manganese export

MSquare is fulfilling its contracts for export of high grade Mangenese concentrates

Drilling work

MSquare supervises exploration work for hematite type iron ore through rigorous geological study and drilling program

Manganese concentration plant

MSquare has completed consultation work for process design of a 50.000 ton/year manganese concentration plant