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Antimony Ore

Antimony is a lustrous tin-white metal. Although it is usually described as a metal, it possesses mixed metallic and nonmetallic characteristics, and is more properly described as a semimetal or metalloid.
The antimony ore found in our mine is Stibnite, which is a sulfide bearing ore and is concentrated using a froth flotation process. Typical output is min 20% Sb for roasters, min 25% Sb for blast furnace smelters and min 45% Sb for liquators that melt the antimony sulfide in a reducing atmosphere.

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Mines that deliver consistent quality ore

Antimony sulfide ore is concentrated, providing stable quality.While Turkish reserves are considerable, mines are negligibly utilized. If you wish to secure your trade in antimony alloys and precious metals, be a part of the supply chain.

Antimony Ore | MSquare Mining

Antimony is a semimetal used mostly in flame retardant material, batteries and as hardening agent in alloys. We mine and export the sulfide ore

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