Turf Conditioner

Collator® is a Clinoptilolite Soil Amendment for Turfs, that improve the properties of soil and supports turf growth. With its high cation exchange capacity, superb water retention abilities and adsorption properties, Collator® not only improves the water regime of the soil, but also prevents the wash-off of the essential micro- and macro-nutrients. Use for sports turfs, golf greens, tees and fairways, landscaping, horticultural crops, lawns and gardens and more. Collator® particles have uniform size and round shape. Therefore, unlike other jagged edged types of zeolite, they will not damage your turf in any way when applied. Particularly effective, when mixed into sandy and coarse-textured soils. Collator® can be used as an excellent slow-release fertilizer additive that provides an efficient management of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and sulfur (S).

Application of Collator®

1. New Constructions
The minimum application rate is 5% by volume; however, the best results will be achieved at rates of 10 - 15%. Collator® should be mixed with sand or other root zone materials prior to installation.
2. Existing Sports Turfs
Best results will be achieved when Collator® is incorporated into the root zone during aeration at a rate of 100-250 kg per 1.000 m². Multiple applications as will be beneficial.
3. Sample Calculation
A sample calculation is given below for blending Collator® (with sand/soil) to form new root zone material for a sports ground with a root zone depth of 10 cm.

Inclusion Rate Quantity kg/m²
5% 4.5
10% 9.0
15% 13.5

Whether for your backyard lawn or a world class golf turf, ask for more information on Collator®