Agriculture, Diatomite, Pesticides

Organic Acaricide

90% reduction in Red Mite population
70% reduction in poultry deaths
  5% increase in egg production
15% increase in egg size

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Natural Ingredients

Does not contain chemicals

Kills Mite

Effective also in their hiding places

Healthy Skin

Prevents skin infections, stops blood loss

Not a Feed Additive

Does not interact with feed

A novel approach to eliminating red mites

DOBİSİD® is a new generation of acaricides developed with environmental concerns. DOBİSİD® is produced from natural minerals, does not contain harmful substances and can readily be disposed of to nature. Used externally on host animals, coops, cages, cracks, without any concern for feed contamination. Caution must be exercised not to inhale freely and extensively.

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